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Feature Teacher: Contact Center (Tip #2)

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Web Based ShoreTel Contact Center Director

Contact Center 7 can now be managed through an intuitive Web based management interface that makes the administration and management of the ECC brilliantly simple.

The new management interface is supported on Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers. Contact Center Director makes it easy for administrators to search for records and keywords, copy configurations quickly. Advanced error checking and inline help further makes the administration simpler.

A “favorites” section allows each supervisor to bookmark their most frequently used configuration to show up in the top of the navigation panel making it even more easier to locate and configure.

Quick navigation links also enable supervisors to go back and forth between different configuration entities.

Helpful hints show up at every level of configuration giving indications of pre-requisites

Key areas such as shifts have detailed descriptions that enable administrators to visually see how the shift work better.

Extremely useful tips on errors and on screen validations guide the administrators through the process

Advanced searching and sorting makes configuration “brilliantly simple”

Finally keyboard shortcuts for those “younger generation admins used to  SMS like actions."

*This is part of a weekly series profiling the latest and greatest features in the ShoreTel solution.

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