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ShoreTel and the VoIP Revolution

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David Sims of TMCnet published an article this month titled “The Benefits of VoIP Extend Beyond Price.” This is a great article which shows the coming of age for a technology that revolutionized how we work today.

In this article Sims lists four areas where companies benefit from implementing a VoIP solution which include: ease of use, reliability, service and support, and of course cost savings.

Invented in 1995, VoIP basically means using your broadband Internet connection for phone calls. ShoreTel entered the IP telephony market in 1996 and since its first installation in 1998, the company has grown to become a leader in the IP-based business communication solutions field. In the past 15 years this technology has evolved into a mainstream technology used by companies of all sizes.

But wait. Isn’t VoIP technology the same regardless of the vendor? If VoIP is just VoIP then how do you explain ShoreTel growing 30% year-over-year? The answer is that ShoreTel isn’t like the other VoIP vendors. Our key differentiators include:

  1. Architecture and design – ShoreTel’s unique architecture was built from a clean sheet of paper which means ShoreTel was built from the ground up independent of the need to support legacy TDM systems. ShoreTel provides features including N+1 redundancy, a distributed architecture, and failover solutions which provide increased resiliency. Read more in the white paper titled “Building Reliable IP Telephony Systems: How Architecture and Design Differentiate ShoreTel from the Competition”.
  2. Customer Satisfaction – ShoreTel is often recognized for providing outstanding customer service. In fact for the eight straight year has received the Nemertes Research PilotHouse Top Provider Award for IP Telephony.
  3. Lowest TCO in the Industry - While the upfront costs of ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple business communication solution are already among the lowest in the industry, we know that our easy to use solutions go even further to drive down burdensome operations and maintenance costs, freeing up more budget and resources over the long term. We are so confident we offer the lowest TCO in the industry that we offer a money back guarantee.

Market research firm Gartner reported they are expecting the space for unified communications hardware and software to hit almost $19 billion by 2015. If you haven’t joined the VoIP revolution, is now the time?

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