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Tolly Group Study Compares Shoreline, Cisco IP PBXs; Shows Shoreline as Less Complex. More Cost-Effective

Tolly to Discuss Methodology, Results of Study in Nov. 7 Webcast
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SUNNYVALE, CA, November 5, 2002 - An in-depth study comparing the architectural and economic benefits of IP PBX systems from Shoreline Communications and Cisco Systems has revealed Shoreline's purpose-built approach to be significantly less complex and costly.

The study, performed by The Tolly Group, an independent test lab based in Manasquan, N.J., simulated a real-world scenario of a 1,000-employee enterprise with headquarters, regional and branch offices incorporating voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology into an existing data network. The study was funded by Shoreline.

The Tolly Group has released the results of the study as a lab report titled, "Shoreline vs. Cisco: Architecture and Cost Implications".

In addition, a webcast discussing the study will take place on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, with a presentation by Kevin Tolly, Tolly Group president and CEO. Also joining the webcast will be Scott Schweitzer, chief architect for Old Republic Title Company, a Shoreline customer. Shoreline Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Stagnaro will moderate the webcast.

"Shoreline and Cisco have taken radically different architectural approaches to their IP PBX offerings," Tolly said. "Cisco has retrofitted its router/switch infrastructure to accommodate VoIP, requiring the network staff to rip open that infrastructure and install considerable new hardware and software. In contrast, Shoreline treats VoIP as an application that can be overlaid on any enterprise infrastructure, causing the least possible disturbance. Cisco's solution is not only far more complex, but, for comparable deployments, it costs three to five times more than Shoreline's."

About The Tolly Group

The Tolly Group, an independent testing and strategic consulting organization based in Manasquan, N.J., offers a full range of services designed to furnish both the vendor and end-user communities with authoritative and unbiased information. Additionally, The Tolly Group is recognized worldwide for its expertise in assessing leading-edge technologies. For more information on The Tolly Group's services, visit its web site at . E-mail inquiries to , call 1-732-528-3300 or fax at 1-732-528-1888.

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications Inc. has been shipping IP phone systems since October 1998, with more than 71,000 IP voice stations installed. The award-winning Shoreline IP Voice Communications System is a platform based on Shoreline's Distributed Internet Voice Architecture, designed to meet enterprise requirements for scalability, reliability, and manageability. In addition, the Shoreline system provides both a rich set of integrated voice services as well as standards-based interfaces to 3 rd party voice applications that enhance personal and organizational productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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