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Palitto Consulting Services

Palitto Consulting Services

ince 2004, Palitto Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS) has been providing Mitel Partners and end users with unique integration solutions and customizations that work seamlessly with the Mitel phone system. Over time, Mitel partners have taken advantage of our unique custom integration options and have pushed us to develop our most complex and exciting customizations yet.
The PCS development team is a very diverse team with nearly 35,000 hours written against the Mitel API. The team consists of dB administrators, software developers, mobile developers and WAN/LAN experts trained and certified by Mitel to implement base products, call center applications, and integrate Mitel products using the Mitel API and other tools. We are a Mitel Partner’s Best Partner!
We are always looking for ways to help companies use Mitel in new and innovative ways. Visit our website, to see projects we have completed or contact us today to discuss opportunities for PCS to help your company.


  • Customizations: PCS’s custom programming services integrates Mitel with many databases, software applications, and more. A few examples of customization projects: Text To Speech (TTS), Agentless Outbound Dialing, programming a Translation System to properly pronounce Spanish names, and ECC Integrations. Please visit our Info Sheets page for a more extensive list.
  • Health Checks: PCS Health Checks are designed to help your team better understand your new system and to help troubleshoot issues you are facing. Our engineers work at your pace, explain things at a level you can understand, and are very through. After their work, our engineers will put together documentation and an analysis to provide an overview, key findings, agenda, action items, and conclusion. Examples of Health Checks include Telephone Engineering Analysis, ECC Review, and Phone System Overview.
  • Team Augmentation: Helping make your team stronger team by augmenting PCS resources to help with onsite installation, programming, and more.


We provide Partners with access to an experienced team who can implement, train, and integrate customizations with the Mitel system.

  • The PCS team is trained and certified by Mitel to implement the base products and the contact center applications. We have successfully implemented many clients. Most have been small sites. Some have been international in size.
  • The PCS team members are expert trainers of the Mitel products to end users.
  • The PCS team is trained and certified by Mitel to integrate the Mitel product using the Mitel SDK and other tools we have developed. We have successfully deployed many custom applications.

PCS also supports the Mitel partner by providing highly skilled LAN/WAN engineers. The PCS team is highly skilled at:

  • Verifying that Local Area and Wide Area Networks are performing well enough to support Mitel.
  • Designing new LAN / WAN implementations.
  • Troubleshooting problems in the LAN / WAN.
  • Securing networks without compromising performance.

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