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ShoreTel in Government Brochure

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“It is easy to set up a phone bank and add say 20 extensions for one month, then remove them later. We were able to relocate about 60 users in one day, and have been able to respond quickly after a hurricane caused devastating flood damage. ShoreTel has given us the flexibility and reliability we need to be both responsive to the citizens of Hidalgo County, and fiscally responsible.”
— Renán Ramirez, Chief Information Officer Hidalgo County, Texas
ShoreTel in government
  • Scalability: Running multiple office sites within a single region? Forced to shuffle your employees between positions or locations with every re-org? ShoreTel lets you dynamically adapt your system without rebuilding infrastructure or investing big dollars up-front.
  • Availability and reliability: In an industry where a prompt and reliable response to constituents is paramount, ShoreTel ensures uptime you can count on with affordable redundancy and disaster recovery and no compromise on quality of service.
  • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel provides simplified, intuitive, and centralized communications for all users—from administrators to constituents—so there’s no demand for complicated IT skills or extensive training.


In government, communication is the link between needs and actions. It’s how processes evolve. It’s how issues get acknowledged and tasks accomplished. Yet while communication as an idea is valued tremendously, communication systems seem to carry less clout. As government budgets shrink, constituents are demanding higher quality communications services, and agencies are under pressure to modernize while doing more with less.

Today’s practical and efficient government entities need communication systems that can rise to the challenge. They need advanced functionality that doesn’t come at a hefty price. They need the ability to deploy fast and adapt even faster in the wake of staffing changes, reorganizations, or sudden growth. And they need simplified administration that allows existing IT staff to provide stellar support—without additional training or complications.

At the same time, communication is a two-way street. Government exists to serve the public, so callers must be able to navigate a communication system easily. They need prompt responses, direct attention, and straightforward features. Moreover, they need a highly available phone system they can rely on, especially during a disaster.

ShoreTel provides a brilliantly simple solution for government organizations. Our IP telephony system with fully integrated unified communications (UC) provides the cost-efficiency, rich feature set, reliability, and simplicity that governments need to function, serve, and succeed:

  • Scalability: ShoreTel efficiently addresses a government agency’s need to expand and adapt dynamically, without requiring an extensive infrastructure or technology investment.
  • Availability and reliability: ShoreTel ensures high-quality services with enterprise-class availability to meet employee and constituent demands.
  • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel makes it simple to access comprehensive features and functionality without tasking valuable limited resources, and without adding training or management headaches for users, administrators, or constituents.

For cash-strapped agencies looking to do more with less, ShoreTel’s built-in advantages ultimately result in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher customer satisfaction—two benefits that always win votes.

Purchasing Vehicles
  • Federal: GSA Schedule 70
  • National: NASPO-WSCA
  • National: KCDA
  • National: PEPPM
  • National: TIPS
  • National: USETPA
  • State of California (CMAS)
  • State of Georgia
  • State of Kentucky (KETS)
  • State of Minnesota
  • State of North Carolina
  • State of New York


Leading the industry by a landslide
  • ShoreTel has a global presence and works with government agencies of all sizes and political structure.
  • ShoreTel has been named best overall VoIP provider for six years running by Nemertes Research.
  • ShoreTel continues to win industry accolades and awards from organizations such as Gartner, Deloitte and CustomerSat.


By their very nature, government agencies must be everywhere to serve their public. As such, many government organizations have a number of far-flung offices—some with only a handful of employees and some with hundreds or even thousands.

In many cases, budget constraints prevent agencies from centralizing the management of existing communication systems across these locations and users. Yet productivity, service, and response requirements demand that their phone systems quickly add, subtract, and change account information with ease, especially during emergency situations.

Clearly, scalability is critical. With the ShoreTel system, the process of managing moves, adds, and changes is simple and seamless—and we make integration between geographies and legacy technologies a breeze. Here’s how:

  • A distributed, switch-based architecture that dynamically scales, so you can quickly accommodate fluctuations in phone lines and users when transitions occur.
  • ShoreTel Director, our browser-based management interface, also gives you plug-and-play deployment—so you can rapidly add and then manage new users. New users are automatically assigned an extension, mailbox, and auto-attendant profile, and they’re added to an ACD group. It’s growth without the complexity.
  • Straightforward integration with legacy phone systems means you maintain the ability to scale across multiple offices, geographies, and technologies—without affecting accessibility or service quality.

Availability and reliability

For most government agencies, reliability is synonymous with success. People need to know their government representatives are available at all times to respond to issues and act promptly—so a reliable communication system is vital.

Likewise, government employees depend on their phone systems to communicate effectively both internally and externally, day and night. They need to know they can get their messages across, especially in the event of a disaster.

ShoreTel helps slash the risk of downtime while increasing availability:

  • Because the system leverages a distributed architecture, there is no single point of failure. If one component experiences difficulty, voice switches reroute data transparently.
  • ShoreTel further boosts reliability through N+1 redundancy, which enables a single ShoreTel switch to back up any number (N) of other switches. The ShoreTel system also achieves redundancy to deliver more than 99.999 percent (five nines) availability.
  • Unique features—including Find Me Follow Me, wireless integration, and Office Anywhere— support mobile and emergency government workers both within the office and on the go.
  • ShoreTel reliability is extended through secure communications capabilities that help government agencies avoid the risks of viruses or other attacks. ShoreTel also offers features to prevent eavesdropping in sensitive environments.

Ease of use and ease of management

When government agencies implement a communications system, they want something that’s user-friendly for all parties, from employees to residents to administrators.

When they interact with government, people need fast responses, self-service tools, and the ability to find who they’re looking for quickly. Government employees need simple yet advanced functionality that makes both people and data accessible from multiple locations or devices. And administrators need management features that eliminate time consuming setup and configuration processes.

ShoreTel’s IP telephony system cuts the red tape for users and administrators alike:

  • ShoreTel’s easy-to-navigate interface requires little training, so employees are up and running on the system in no time.
“In addition to exceptional reliability, we’ve seen huge time savings and are paying about the same amount as our old system for far greater functionality. We’re now looking at ways we can further improve productivity, including integrating our billing system to make it quicker and easier for customers to pay. This level of flexibility has improved our business agility and means we’re well-positioned for future market changes.”
— MIKE FAWBUSH, Information Systems Manager Morristown Utility Systems, Tennessee
  • Easy-to-understand options for self-service, based on ShoreTel’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application, simplify call placement and speed for employees, constituents, and other callers. Employees can use 4-digit dialing internally to other offices, or even dial co-workers by name. And constituents can simply dial one number, regardless of office, and the automated attendant directs them to the right place.
  • By integrating ShoreTel Communicator (formerly ShoreTel Call Manager) with a desktop email application, such as Microsoft Outlook, employees can quickly type in a name, bring up a number, and make calls from local online directories—all with a click of the mouse. In addition, ShoreTel Communicator lets employees know before they dial if the person they’re intending to call or transfer to is on another line.
  • ShoreTel centralizes voicemail and email for one-stop communications management. ShoreTel Director allows administrators to access the system from anywhere on the network and easily manage every site and feature.
  • Easy integration with both off-the-shelf and custom government agency applications makes it possible to deliver new services without hassle—so callers can make their own public resource reservations, request or set their own appointments, and access their records automatically.
“There are days when I spend all my time on calls, yet never touch the phone. Everyone loves the ability to easily handle and process calls and combine personal contacts for one-click dialing.”
— Boris Naschansky, Chief Information Officer City of Lakewood, Colorado
Customers elect ShoreTel for their phone system needs

Without a doubt, ShoreTel’s customer satisfaction levels rank consistently highest in the IP telephony space.

Here’s why:

  • The highly scalable and extremely reliable ShoreTel solution helps government organizations accommodate high call volume with ease regardless of time or situation—so constituents are always given a chance to speak their minds.
  • ShoreTel’s ease of use and management frees government staff to spend more time on pressing business tasks, and helps dramatically lower total cost of ownership.
  • Greater employee productivity means government agencies accelerate response times on the issues that affect constituents daily.
  • ShoreTel improves customer service by simplifying the process of tracking phone calls, exporting and distributing original voice mail messages, and logging call histories for each number.
  • Self-service options help constituents or other callers get the information they need quickly—with no frustrating wait time.
  • Comprehensive features give users the flexibility to leverage the mode of communication that works best for them, including voice, video, and data.


ShoreTel cuts total cost of ownership for a ballot-pleasing budget

Thanks to its scalability, reliability, and ease of use and management, the ShoreTel system often helps government agencies reach full return on investment (ROI) in less than a year.

Here’s how it happens:

  • Seamless scalability and easy integration dramatically reduce the time and cost required to process moves, adds, and changes.
  • With extreme reliability and N+1 redundancy, government organizations dramatically reduce the costs associated with unplanned failures or downtime.
  • Centralized, simplified management helps decrease administrative overhead, while ease of use reduces the need for helpdesk calls.
  • ShoreTel also lets you cut extraneous charges. For example, agencies can eliminate long distance toll charges by sending voice calls over the existing data network. They can also share voice trunks between locations and reduce the number of leased phone lines. And they can save on costly teleconferencing services with ShoreTel’s conference bridge.
  • Finally, ShoreTel’s easy-to-use interfaces and unified applications help ramp up productivity and jumpstart response times—so employees can make more valuable contributions throughout the work day while staying aligned with organizational goals.



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